• Hello,

    I'm 31 and from the United states of America. I was looking for a "Life in the Village" Server and stumbled upon your website. As far as I'm aware I do not have any bans on any servers, but it has been a long time since I started playing minecraft.

    I've been playing minecraft since before they had multiplayer. I love playing mod packs like sky factory, but decided to change it up a little bit. My favorite mod will always be Tinkers Construct. There is just something about poring liquid metals into molds that I love. I work full time, but I always manage to find time in life to play some good old minecraft!

    I appreciate your consideration, and hope that the life in the village server gets some more life to it with some new people joining!


  • Unfortunately the Life in the village Server has been discontinued because it lacked players.
    Would you still like to apply? Then please reply to this post 🙂

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