• Right so, I'm not seeing any form of format so here goes with answering the questions provided.
    IGN: toymaster3
    Age: 17
    Country: Canada
    How I found you: Googled "Life in the village servers"
    History of bans: Probably, I've been playing this game since 2009 so I bet I've been banned somewhere. I'm not prone to bans though, no.
    I got into Minecraft around 09 because I was super into the idea of being able to deconstruct and reconstruct the world around you, wherever you went. Then I got into modding, playing mods like tekkit or yogbox, then I eventually got into economy and town building, and began to search for mods/modpacks that fit that criteria. In Minecraft, I like to spend my time advancing villages, building them up, or outside of villages I like to set up shop and sell resources to other players.

  • Helper

    Unfortunately the Life in the village Server has been discontinued because it lacked players.
    Would you still like to apply? Then please reply to this post 🙂

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