• Hello my real name is hussein majid and i really quite enjoy playing this game with multiple mods added and im particularly interested in the mod mekanism and the newly discovered mod alchemistry i am 19 years old and i live in sweden i found this community through looking for a anti matter chemistry server for me and my buddy. i dont currently have any history of bans or lying about my age. I got into minecraft ever since i was a child i remember in the older alpha versions there was gold ore shaped like a ball above the ground which was pretty dope. In my real life i enjoy to play music sing and even skate here and there and id love to find a good community to feel right at home with.

  • Helper

    Hello Hussein,

    I had a look at your application and I would like to welcome you to our community!
    Antimatter Chemistry is a fun little pack, I hope you have a good time with it!

    Also a gold ball above the ground, Are you sure that was not a mod?

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