• Hello there!

    My names Liltwinky. I've been playing minecraft now for around 4 years on and off. Looking to find a great interactive community to be apart of. Favorite thing to do in minecarft would have to be setting up themed villages, love playing with different styles and colors. I'm a big fan of creating tite alleyway styled towns with lamp lights and high detail. I just started playing FTB, but so far I'm highly interested in Life In The Village mod pack, so guess that would be my favorite! I have no history of any bans, nor have I lied about my age (btw I am 20 years old). My favorite hobbies would be painting and collecting exotic teas (If you ever want to try something a bit different, I highly recommend Oolong or Silver Needle tea 😛 ). Hopefully I can be apart of your community and get to know some of you better!

  • Helper

    Hello LilTwinky,

    I've had a look at your application and would like to welcome you to Stonebound!

    Unfortunately LitV has recently been shutdown, as the server ran into alot of issues and there was no longer enough interrest. We do have Enigmatica 2 lite, which I would recommend you have a look at. There is a stunning city build by members of the community (Me included) that I think you would enjoy seeing. We're looking for a new pack to replace LitV so look forward to that aswell!

  • Sounds great! Thanks for the welcome and look forward to meeting the community! 🙂 I recommend checking out the new mod TechTopia. It's for 1.12.2

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