• Age:17
    Country: Canada
    How did i found you: I was looking for a public server for the Antimatter Chemistry ModPack and you were the most popular so i clicked and got intrested. So i followed the instruction and now i am attempting to be whitelist for a server that looks… well… pretty great.

    History of ban:None
    History of age lying: i will be pretty honest 1 year ago i was lying about my age to go on a 18+ server and im not pretty proud of it but now i think i've got to an age where you understand that there is no shame to be young or old.

    Myself: I am french canadien but i think im good enough to have interaction with English people. i got into Minecraft when it was on the internet and was called minegame since then this game have improved and become so much more. my favorite Modpack is currently the Antimatter Chemistry but other then that i like sky factory and StoneBlock 2. I hope this will help you understand what kind of person i am.

  • Helper

    Hello Mubbix,

    Thank you for being honest about your age, We accept people under 18 if they show some maturity and honesty certainly is a good example of that.
    As such... I'd like to welcome you to Stonebound!

    And don't worry to much about your English, though we require all in-game communication to be in English, a few mistakes are no problem 🙂

  • Thank you! its a pleasure

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