• Hello!
    My name is Jonathan and Im from Sweden! Im 20 years old and have been played Minecraft since Alpha.. I havn't tho been playing minecraft for a several years. Sure my english is not the best any ways. I used to play tekkit back in the days then I started to play a lite ftb. Now days I play alot roleplay on FiveM 🙂 also play a lot Arma 3 and csgo.

    I work as an electrician in sweden, live in a small apartment with my girlfriend. I practis "sportshooting" on my spare time.
    We got a rottwailer named Diesel 😉

    I wanted to start play ftb again and yeah I have forgett every thing so need to learn everything again from the beginning. Im looking for a server that have whitelist and not everyone can come in and destroy everything.

    greeting Jonathan

  • Helper

    Hi Jonathan,

    If you play FiveM you propably use Arma for RP aswell? I always join a server weeks before it seems to die.
    No such problems here, We've been going strong for years. And I'm happy to tell you you'll be able to join us 🙂

    Welcome to Stonebound!

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