• Hey, the names 19chiodowi, although that is probably something you have already surmised, because you opened this thread.
    I am fresh out of high school, and figured i would let the nostalgia of adventuring into a new modpack once again hit me, I originally started playing minecraft during 1.2.5, and my first foray into modded was the original FTB Ultimate pack in 1.4.7, I have played a handful of mods since then, and as the community i was originally a part of no longer exists, i figured i would set my sights on something new.
    As for information about me, i am 18, planning on pursing a career in tool and die manufacture, and i have a love for technical theatre. . Anything else, feel free to ask!
    I currently reside in the US, and i dont believe i have been banned from any SMP minecraft in the last 5 years, i am not certain on dates before that however.

  • Helper

    Hi chiodowi.

    I've had a look at your application, and I did find a ban back in 2012. So I appreciate your honesty. As such I've gone ahead and added you to our whitelist!
    Welcome to stonebound 🙂

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