• To whom it may concern,

    Greetings to you. My online tag is Xander_Vanguard but you can address me as Xander.
    I am currently 32 years of age and was born on October 5th, 1986 which would mean that I will be 33 very soon...I feel so old.

    I was born and raised in Newfoundland, Canada (if you look on a map of Canada... it's the island to the far east) I've traveled around Canada a fair bit but never outside the boarders. As your announcement mentioned, this pack is a re-imagining of the old MineChem mod back in 1.7 which was brought to my attention in the Material Energy 3 or 4 modpack (can't remember which) and I fell in love with the mod and I am hoping that this modpack really pays homage to Minechem of old.

    I've been playing minecraft since late January 2011 and have had only one ban in that time which was the Hypixel server. I played on a modded skyblock server of theirs and proceeded to use a macro on my keyboard to afk harvest some materials. I became quickly bored of the pack and left it, forward about two years later and I go to hop on the server to play another game with a friend to find that my account was banned due to the afk macro I had used years ago. I requested an unban appeal which was shot down immediately with no second chance... so lets just say I don't bother with Hypixel anymore.

    Hmmm favorite mods... that is quite a tough one since I've played with so many mods and many more modpacks. If I were to make a top five (in no particular order) Tinkers Construct, Immersive Engineering, Minechem (hopfully soon to be Alchemistry), EnderIO, Industrial Forgoing (which use to be Minefactory Reloaded).

    My favorite things to do and also my hobbies would be one in the same, I am an avid reader of fantasy stories and I enjoy the RPG genre for games when I am not reading. Well I suppose you could tack on Minecraft since I've played it for so long.

    (sorry for the edit, my finger slipped and I managed to publish it before I could finish)

  • Staff

    Hi Xander, and thanks for introducing yourself.
    The MineChem remake works pretty well, although some of the custom recipes of obtaining elements may seem a bit arbitrary.
    And don't worry about your age, here on Stonebound there are many of your generation. 😃
    Anyway, I've gone right ahead and added you to our whitelist. Have fun on the server!~

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