• I'm LoSmile Ingame name Scott2002
    I'm from Italy and i'm 16 about to 17
    I would like to join the server as my friend ZxLoL111 suggested me to join and play with him. I used to play modded minecraft a lot but i stopped, and now i want to join a community as I always wanted to play modded minecraft with other people. I've never been banned nor lied about my age. My favorite mods are EnderIo and Thermal as they are simple but can also become quite a challenge sometimes. A mod i want to learn in the future is botania as it is a great mod to learn. My first pack was Tekkit Legends and from there i got into mods a lot.

    Thank you for reading and I hope to get into the community.

  • Staff

    Hi LoSmile, and thanks for your interest.
    You have been added to the whilelist, enjoy playing on Stonebound with your friend.

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