• Age:18
    country:South Africa
    how i found you:I found you by trying to join your LITV server,I also wanted to try your other server,enigmatica 2 also looks to be very fun to play!
    bans:have never gottan banned in a server,And i used to be staff in a server with my friends
    how i got into minecraft:I got it as a birthday gift around 7 years ago,I did not know what it was,so i played it and loved it,i never left it even in 2014.
    favourite mod:gregtech and tinkers are probarbly my favourite mods i never really liked magic mods.more tech based mods and relaxing mods!
    favouritve things to do:play minecraft,build big mahcines in it or houses,or make big farms abd cool and funny builds
    hobbies:playing basketball is fun for me,minecraft is also a hobby for me too
    Minecraft has always been my favourite game,Ive always played it alone and now wanted to play it with other people!.

    my building style is mostly modern and not so much details,also the reason i wanted to join the community is becuase I never really played in a whitelisted minecraft modded server.as such i wanted to try it for the fun of it!
    thank you for taking the time to read this,im sorry if it might be too short.i have social anxiety and dont like to say a lot about myself online :C.

  • Staff

    Hello raydamri, and welcome back.
    Congratulations on moving country and getting younger.
    Sadly your application has been declined, and we do not consider alter egos separately.
    I wish you the best of luck in finding a suitable community.

    If it helps you, both servers you were looking to join have been fairly inactive, due to their age.

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