• Hello!
    Name is zx111 but in-game i am zxlol111
    Im from the UK and im currently 17.
    I found you guys from the public list of servers of FTB interactions while looking somewhere to play in a low population server. I've been playing modded mincraft for ages since 1.6.4 or even earlier than that! I've never been banned on any server or had my work undone as I know how to control my work and not cause any lags. I don't really have a favorite mod, but something i know quite well is AE2 and mekanism.

    Thank you for reading

  • Helper

    Hello zx11, I've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist. Interactions doesn't have alot of active players right now, but ae2 is definetally a good mod once you start messing with some of the lategame spacial storage. making a base within a base

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