• I am 16 years old and live in the United States.
    I found out about this server from my brother, who is torpdeo, I don't have any history with bans and I am not lying about my age.
    I first got into Minecraft, once again from my brother and have been playing it ever since 2012. It is still one of my most favorite games to play with friends and mods just make it all the more intresting.
    My favorite mods are tech based ones like thermal expansion and I also like Tinkers' Construct.
    On my spare time i like playing games but other than that building things is a hobby i have always enjoyed, its like minecraft was a perfect fit!
    I really look forward to this server as what i have seen from my brother seems really fun.

  • Staff

    Hi lavaman, thanks for introducing yourself.
    Apologies for the wait. I've gone right ahead and added you to our whitelist, have fun joining your brother and the crew!

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