• Age: 20
    Country: USA
    How you found us: FTB Interactions servers list
    Bans/Lying: I've never been banned or have lied about that kind of stuff.

    I got into MC way back when--right after Beta, really--and proceeded to sink thousands of hours of my childhood into it. And as other things, my interest in the game faded away...until last month. I've been enjoying MC so much! I don't usually play games so having this one to de-stress with is amazing.

    I'm not the best with modded, but I can definitely hold my own. I thoroughly enjoy Thaumcraft and Thermal Expansion. I used to focus on those mods when I played a couple of years ago.

    I'm pretty relaxed when it comes to playing with other people. I'm usually on my own adventure, but when something interesting happens on the server, I definitely chip in. MC is fun alone, but with others it's an experience unlike any other. I'm currently getting ready to move back to campus, so I figured I'd pick up a server to play on throughout the semester. This server seemed to fit the bill.

  • Staff

    Hi 54sam3, and thanks for your application.
    You've been added to the whitelist, have fun playing with the crew on Stonebound.
    Just fyi, if you want a good time but aren't too familiar with mods, interactions might not be the de-stressing experience you are seeking. =D
    Feel free to join any of our currently hosted packs, and stay tuned for new ones launching in the future!
    Welcome to the community, and apologies for the delay.

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