• I'm 17.
    I live in Sweden.
    It wasn't too fun to play life in the village alone, so I went looking for a server and found stonebound.
    From what I've read and seen it seems like a nice and not too big community.
    I've never lied about my age nor been banned.
    I got into minecraft a looong time ago, an old friend of mine introduced me to this wonderful game.
    I like most parts of the game, from building and grinding to exploring and fighting.
    My preference in mods varies a lot with time, but I usually try to make my buildings look decent with the materials available.
    Other less interesting things about me is that I like to paint and create art.

    I hope I'm welcome!

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    Hi there, and thanks for your interest in our community!
    Sadly, due to its age, our Life in the village server has not been able to recover a consistent playerbase and will most likely be closed down in the near future. You came here to play multiplayer, and that one certainly doesn't feel like a community experience anymore..
    If you want to stick around for our other modpacks I'm more than happy to reconsider, just reply to this topic if you're still interested.
    Sorry for the bad news, hope we can still welcome you here!

  • I'd love to try the other packs you've got here!
    Thanks for letting me know about the status of the server.

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    Then I'd like to welcome you to the Stonebound community.
    I hope to see you around!

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