• I'm 34, from Canada. I play with DarkYuan and ThatVileWitch. Was playing on a SevTech Server that has recently shut down. I've been playing Minecraft for probably 7 or 8 years or more. My sister introduced me to it. I enjoy the Tinker Construct mod and Cooking for Blockheads mod, and recently learned the Witchery mod. I enjoy building, though I'm not much good at it, and playing farmer in my games. I almost always seem to end up with a donkey named Eeyore. Mobs are NOT my favorite thing, so in our last server I was "Houston". Whenever we launched to a new planet, I kept them supplied with oxygen tanks, food, and processed whatever they sent back to 'Mission Control". I have never been banned. In real life I work for a charity. I spend my weekends at the barn with my horse, or watching movies or cooking.

  • Helper

    Hi there, and thanks for your interest in our community!
    Sadly, due to its age, our Life in the village server has not been able to recover a consistent playerbase and will most likely be closed down in the near future. You came here to play multiplayer, and that one certainly doesn't feel like a community experience anymore..
    If you want to stick around for our other modpacks I'm more than happy to reconsider, just reply to this topic if you're still interested.
    Sorry for the bad news, hope we can still welcome you here!

  • Yes, I'm still interested.

  • I'd like to welcome you to the Stonebound community.

    I hope to see you around!

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