• I'm 32f, from Canada. Following DarkYuan. Been playing on a SevTech Server that has recently shut down. We really enjoyed the community aspect of that server. I started playing Minecraft when it was first introduced way back in 2011-2012. We tried out a LITV pack on our own server recently and really enjoyed it. We would love to continue to play! I enjoy building houses most on Minecraft. MY biggest creation would have to be Hogwarts. We made the castle with gardens and even Diagon Alley with Gringotts, Ollivander's, and an Apothecary! It was quite a big build. I really like the creative aspect of it. Thanks for your consideration.

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    Hi there, and thanks for your interest in our community!
    Sadly, due to its age, our Life in the village server has not been able to recover a consistent playerbase and will most likely be closed down in the near future. You came here to play multiplayer, and that one certainly doesn't feel like a community experience anymore..
    If you want to stick around for our other modpacks I'm more than happy to reconsider, just reply to this topic if you're still interested.
    Sorry for the bad news, hope we can still welcome you here!

  • @Prusias hi! Yes, of course still interested! Thanks so much!

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    Great to hear!

    I've gone ahead and added you to our whitelist!

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