• Hello my minecraft username is TheMinecraftMuse. I'm 21, turning 22 in october. I got the username off of watching honestly my favorite (for the time) youtuber. I got into minecraft after watching his lets play series. I currently live in the U.S. without much plan for moving out of country anytime soon. I found this server while I was trying to find a small vanilla(ish) server to play on. I have a few bans in my history because when I was younger I used hack clients on pvp servers like hypixel or mineplex but haven't used anything like that for quite a long time. I hope to hear back from you soon and I'll be popping into your discord as well! Thank you for your time.

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    Can I call you Muse then? Anyway, I've had a look at your application and decided to add you to our whitelist!
    We normally don't allow players with a ban history on our whitelist but when it happened a few years ago and people are honest we like to make an exception :).

    I hope you have a fun time with us, and I'd like to see you on Stonebound!

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