• I'm 18 years old
    I currently live in brazil
    I discovered the server after i got bored of playing alone and looked for some server for this modpack, i really enjoyed playing alone even not being able to build a sustainable village (something always goes wrong)
    I'm currently using the account of my friend beacause i dont have the original minecraft but i'm saving money to buy it and i expect that next one or two months i will have the money
    I got into minecraft watching a youtuber of my country (Nofaxu) and i really like to play modpacks focused into automation and building but sometimes i like to play more adventure focused mods
    My favorite mods are Ender IO, applied energistics and tinkers
    I hope that my apply get aproved 😀
    (sorry about my english it's not my mother language)

  • Staff

    Hello IOANniz,

    I have looked over your application, and I am happy to welcome you onto Stonebound! As of this message, you are now on our whitelist. Feel free to join our discord if you have any questions or want to hang out with us.


  • @tolly765 thks very much
    I hope this time my village dont start burning for no reason like last time i was playing solo 😀 (I'm not kidding it really happened idk why 😔 )

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