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  • TheInnKeeper22.
    The Netherlands.
    on the FTB Interactions server list.
    I've never been banned and can show my ID if people question my age.

    I got into minecraft by watching skydoesminecraft play minigames or custom made maps. Later on I got into modded minecraft by watching the yogscast play tekkit and further on different packs.

    My favorite mod would be Tinkers I love the variables for the tools and it gives a different way to the minecraft tools.

    I personally love setting up camp somewhere in a snowy biome and then make a huge farm in it with every crop, every tree, every animal and make these cute small farms or even huge farms for botania and mystical flowers.

    For the rest I like caving, exploring and playing minecraft with people.

    Hi my name is Tim and i'd like to join the Stonebound community and become a well known farmer/cowboy Yeehaw!! Gunshots!!


  • Staff

    Hello TheInnKeeper22,

    I have checked over your application and I am happy to say that as of this message you have been added to our whitelist! Feel free to stop by our discord if you have any questions or want to hang out with the rest of us.

    Happy mining!

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