• greetings sarge here!!

    im 27 and from the uk i have a few different mods i like to play depending on my mood but a few of them are

    chisel and bits omg i can loose hours of the day to chisel and bits
    mekanism a wonderfull mod if you like making automations and complex machinery chains and the digi miner is just so nice to have around
    botania bit of fun when i dont want to mess around with the tech mods and just wanna dabble in a bit of magic

    im not entireley sure what else there is to say but you do want a lengthy post so hmm what else can we talk about

    well ive been playing minecraft since errrr ill get back to you on that one its been a fair few years and my memory isnt what it used to be but lets say 2012 which is around when i think i began playing but could have been a little earlier

    my main interests in minecraft are building and automation i occasionally like to do big base builds but mostly i enjoy setting up automations to run little enterprises mass producing items for the community to be sold when and where theres a economy to faccilitate that

    as you already know im from the uk specifically though the west midlands

    i love pizza and ben and jerrys icecream

    dangit need more words.....

    i am the verry deffinition of a modern major general ive information both vegatable animal and mineral lol XD

    yeah gotta be honest im out of ideas i could fluff out and expand out into big long droning paragraphs for my intro but i think ive covered everything there is to know about me

  • Helper

    Hi sarge,

    I've read through your monologu... application 🙂
    And I have gone ahead and added you to our whitelist!

    Making big machines and selling to the community is a nice idea, unfortunately we have the kind of community that rushes everything before people can setup shops. Though like on enigmatica, it does happen. And I personally always love to see a ton of shops around!

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