• Age: 23
    Country: USA
    I located this server while trying to find a place to play the life in the village mod-pack and I've never been banned or lied about my age to any other community. I got into minecraft in its early stages and been playing it off and on ever since. Was really stuck into building early on and most the servers I've played on I had reached a trusted builder status. I would create spawn landings for servers starting out and help build necessary buildings to fit to their plugins i.e shops and such. One of my favorite mod-packs so far would have to be tekkit classic. Use to play it with a large group of friends (15-20) of us would just go at it for nights on end. I work a lot now but in my free time I like to play video games and ride around "LEGALLY ;)" on my dirt-bike

    Thanks for viewing my application I look forward to being a part of your community!

  • Helper

    Hi Sxarax, and thanks for your interest in our community!
    Sadly, due to its age, our Life in the village server has not been able to recover a consistent playerbase and will most likely be closed down in the near future. You came here to play multiplayer, and that one certainly doesn't feel like a community experience anymore..
    If you want to stick around for our other modpacks I'm more than happy to reconsider, just reply to this topic if you're still interested.
    Sorry for the bad news, hope we can still welcome you here!

  • Yeah I have no issue playing on some of your other modpacks if that's the case

  • Helper

    Hi again, that's good to hear.
    I've added you to the whitelist, have fun!~

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