• Hello I'm 33 year old male from the United States that still likes to play Minecraft. I have been playing since beta when the game was only like 13 dollars. I've been playing with a group of friends for a long time. I have also introduce several people to the game including two members that are already whitelisted on your servers. Drengsta and Leeduston (I think was his MC name). Drengsta told me to send in this application since our mutual friend who usually host our servers is no longer doing so. I've always been a little hesitate to join large group communities due to certain types players and admins that like to ruin the MC experience. However, Drengsta says that this group is "pretty chill". So I'm giving it a try. Also side note. I never been banned or kicked from a server. I'm planning on it. I just like making awesome buildings that should be made in creative mode, but that seems too easy for me. There's items out there that helps me build faster. 😉

    A little more behind the scenes. I play other videos games as well. League of Legends, Warframe, Eco, PUBG, WOW, and MTGA to name a few. I also run a 5e D&D group online for some of my friends. I have enjoyed most Marvel movie that the Marvel has produced and some they didn't. Venom was ok. 😏 It's good to be a NERD. Most fantasy/sci fi movie or tv show has my attention as well. I'll throw on something and watch a movie while playing MC. Lets say Creepers have gotten me several time when not paying attention. 😆

    I'm hoping to join up and get building. Thanks for your time.


  • Helper

    Hi DrJermz, and welcome to Stonebound.
    I agree with you that too many players can ruin the experience, hence we have the whitelisting process. 😃
    Due to the relatively small scale of this community, everyone is quite easy-going here.
    Thanks for your application, I've gone right ahead and added you to our whitelist.
    Have fun playing with Drengsta and the crew!

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