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  • Hello, I'm Pascal, 41 years old man living in Belgium, and english isn't my first language so please forgive me if sometimes i make mystakes.

    I play Minecraft modded since Buildcraft 1.0 well before FTB was even a thought. I follow Direwolf since then and i played on many differents severs without any major events or issues.

    My goal is always to enjoy building nice structures and being the most efficient in my builds.
    I Just finished the Antimatter solo version and think i have to do it with other ppl around.

    I found you simply on a research on Google, and i hope to find here other nice and mature ppl to play with.

    I wish you all the best even if you dissaprove my application.

    Have a nice play.


  • Helper

    Hi Pascal, and thanks for introducing yourself.
    Many of us aren't natives speakers here, so you don't have to worry about making mistakes. 😃
    I've gone ahead and added you to our whitelist, enjoy playing the pack with the crew!~

  • @simibubi Thanks a lot....see you in 😉

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