• I am 39 years old. I am from the United States. A friend of mine linked me to this community as she wanted to keep playing together as our previous community disbanded. I have never been banned from a server for any game. I got into Minecraft because some friends of mine have played packs together since the 1.5.1 days and I wanted to see why people played MC to begin with. I have been hooked ever since. I actually enjoyed the FoolCraft and Stoneblock packs the best. I'm actually helping a streamer make a pack currently. A hobby I do outside of MC is photography in which I do enjoy just being out in nature which is a good balance to have when you spend too much time with electronics and are indoors.

  • Helper

    Hey 2Squarey, I've just taken a look at your application and have added you to the whitelist. Have fun and enjoy!

  • Thank you for responding quickly :)