IRaytoxI's Application

  • My MC username is IRaytoxI i am 19 from the U.S i originally got into minecraft when i was 9 my older brother was playing and i wanted to be like my older brother like every little kid does. i have been playing football since i was 13 and just recently stopped due to injury. I enjoy playing many different games like Minecraft, Skyrim, CS:GO, GMod, Terraria, L4D. I also enjoy working out going to the gym. I have been apart of many communities wether it's minecraft, GMod or GTA i was always a pleasure to be apart of many communities. I hope you accept me into you're community and i can learn everyone in the community. My favorite mod would have to be Galacticraft because i love exploration. I also like Ars Magica and Botania as a sort of magic mod.

  • Helper

    hello raytox, I've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist. ars magica is a great mod, it sucks that AM3 hasn't been fully released yet though. hope to see you online!