• My username is SkinnyWolf, 22, Living in the United States. I was looking for servers for me and my cousin to play on, since Life in the Village is pretty much the only modpack that he doesn't lag on. I got into Minecraft during the Beta phase of the game, roughly around 1.4 Beta or so, after seeing a friend play it in school. My current Pastime is Digital Artwork and Graphic Design, and currently work at home. I'd say that I have more of a preference for Technical mods, however, I enjoy playing either way if there are others involved.

  • Helper

    Hello SkinnyWolf,

    I've had a look at your application and I have gone ahead and added you to the whitelist, though your application was a bit short.
    I hope you have a good time with us on Stonebound, we have a lot of creative folks so you will fit right in!