• hi! i am currently 16 years old from Canada (I'm from Quebec so my English Isn't too good sorry about that) i found your server when i looked up for servers for the Life In The Village mod-pack and read around a little, i instantly fell in love with the vibe that i got! I'm well aware that you need to be 18 and over to join but many people i play with on PS4 are in their 30's (as weird as it may sound) and we get along great! I love that this server takes applications so that not just anybody can get in. this gives me the feeling that the server is really well managed and very friendly too. i am new to the "mod-pack scene" if you wanna call it that way and would love to join this lovely server to get to know the mod-pack better and also play with others that have the same interests as i do. i am very layed back and love to play on servers for a long time with others and build a community. i hope to hear from you soon and get to playing as soon as possible!
    have a great day!

  • Helper

    Hi will,

    We are indeed a 18+ community but we make exceptions for applicants 16 years or older if they demonstrate
    that they are mature and put some effort into their application.

    As such, I'd like to welcome you to Stonebound!
    I hope you have a good time with us, We regularly run different mod packs so there will be plenty to enjoy in the future.