• Hey there, I'm 25 from The United states of America. I found this server, through my very bestest of friends, I have no bans on my record and have never lied about my age since I'm 25 and there's no point. I got into Minecraft back when I was a wee lad and bought it during it's Alpha release. I don't really have favorite mod because I think they are all just so great, I'm a chill guy who doesn't cause any issues or arguments. My hobbies are video games and workin that grindstone on the week days haha. I would love to play and chill out and build the best village community there ever was!

  • Helper

    Hi Drood,

    First off my excuses for this response taking more than a 24h.
    I've had a look at your app and although it is a bit short, I have decided to put you on our whitelist!

    I hope you get to build a nice village, and enjoy your time with us!