• Hello,
    My name is Desire and I am 24. I recently found this server via a google search for a life in the village server. I am really interested in becoming whitelisted as there are not many other servers available. I've played other mod packs from FTB and am wanting to try something a little less techy. My current hobbies are video games (of course) reading, and training my dogs. I hope to be able to fit into the community nicely. I got into Minecraft when I was younger and my friends and I have played it ever since. I prefer to be apart of an older community.

  • Helper

    Hello Desire,

    First off my excuses for this response taking more than a 24h.
    I've had a look at your application and although it is on the edge of our minimum length, I have gone and added you to our whitelist!

    If you like training dogs you'll like Litv, there is a mod that allows you to train your dogs some tricks!