• I found this server when i looked up life in the village servers, i wanted to play with people and interact with others in this super fun modpack and play with my friends soon in this server. Im 15 and im from United states and i hope ill be able to play the server! MY favorite mod is probably Clay soldiers because it was the mod that got me into modpacks, I started playing minecraft a while ago and ive allways loved progressing and this modpack is super good and fun for progressing, it would be better to progress and have fun with others so i wanted to join a server so thats why im applying now, Minecraft has allways been fun and its getting allways better, well msot of the time. I have never been banned on a minecraft server and i never say anything negative, usually just positive! Hopefully i can get in! i look forward to having fun on your server hopefully! have a good day

  • Helper

    Thank you for your interest in our server!
    Unfortunately, we do not currently accept users under the age of 16.
    You are welcome to reapply once you meet our age requirement.