• Age : Just turned 16 last week ( Yep.. still a highschooler)
    Country : Indonesia
    (Edit : you can call me Derrick or Mamii or Gimball or whatever )

    • Umm... i just found stonebound today because i kinda get bored playing modded minecraft alone, i want to be in a community of modded players so i search up “LITV minecraft modpack server” and stonebound popped up, why i rly want to play in this server? Because it seems so legit.. , i mean There’s even an application what?!. ( also i just wanted to be around with people who got the same interest as me idk why but i just want to)
    • Hmm how i got into minecraft? Well i played a lot of the sims when i was a kid, and then my friends told me there’s this game called minecraft where you can build freely in the world, at first i’m not sure that i like this “minecraft” game because it just looks like a lego world, but then my friends makes me tried it out and i like the game until now
    • favorite mod? Um.... it depends on what kind of mod it is... For decorations I really like CFM, DecoCraft, and Chisel. Especially chisel it adds more texture when you build.
      For magic? I really like Ars Magica sadly it’a not updated to 1.12.2 yet :((, i also like playing with Thaumcraft although i never really got far with that mod
      Essentials? My like Must Have mods are JEI, Journey Map, and Vein Miner, Inventory Tweaks as well. It makes playing minecraft so easy
      And... for tools mod? I rly like Tinkers Construct, Silent Gems and i think that’s it.
    • favorite things to do in game? Idk i just play it i don’t know what is my favorite things to do :/ sry
    • Other favorite game? Well I LOVE pokemon games a lot i played it since it was in Gameboy can’t wait for Sword and shield, i also like The Sims, Overwatch, Stardew Valley, Rune Factory, LoL? ( I’m still new at LoL but i like the game), i’m Really Hyped about WitchBrook, Bleeding Edge , and there’s a rumor that WB will make this Harry Potter Rpg Game called Harry Potter Magic awakened Ughh .
    • Favorite things to do irl? Welp. Eating, doing watercolor painting and get stressed out when it bleeds , I enjoy sleeping a lot , Drinking Coffee, Family gathering(?), and Play Games, watching Harry Potter and Modern Family over and over again, i enjoy Singing with the music on speaker and get my family members annoyed by it LMAO
      -other geeky interests is Harry Potter, Pokemon, i used to like anime although for some reason i don’t watch them anymore, Reading Webtoons,
    • Hm... Idk Ambitions? : is to Make a Webtoon series, Be a doctor because all my siblings are a doctor right now and i don’t want to be the odd one out in the family.
    • Welp i guess that’s it, sorry if this is either too short or too long for whoever reads this (LMAO) i know my life’s pretty boring but hopefully you will Accept this Application, BrB

  • Staff

    Hello Derrick, and thanks for introducing yourself!
    Don't worry, you're application is fantastic. We don't expect much from people. The fact that they have to go through the effort of writing a few sentences keeps out most of the folk we don't want. =)
    I've tried watercolor once and it sort of turned into a modern art piece... It's torture for beginners!
    Anyway, you've been whitelisted, have fun on the server!

  • @simibubi Yep. Watercolor IS Torture, Oh and thanks for the response !