• In-game name: jkjoshua567
    Age: 18
    County: USA
    I found you guys on google after searching for servers for Life in the VIllage mod pack.
    Never been banned on any servers and do not plan on being banned on any. :)
    I'm a casual gamer and really want to try out a more relaxed mod pack like Life in the Village. I really want to focus more on the building part of Minecraft, because I find it relaxing unlike other mod packs with tornados and tons of mobs. I think it would be fun to play in a community with other people that have the same goals. Hopefully, the server will be great and no one trying to ruin peoples buildings. I'm looking forward to making some friends and building lots of cool houses and such.
    I have a few hobbies, one is gaming another is working on cars. I do not game as much as I used to because I have a few side jobs so I can afford food and things for my hobbies. I own 3 older Mercedes and 2 of which I got for super low prices. One is a 1987 190E I got for 200$ and lasted 5 months with no problems but the transmission broke randomly. Another I've had for a while it is a 1997 E320 and I keep as my daily driver, even though it breaks a lot, unlike the older more reliable Mercedes. The third is another 1987 190E I got about a month ago for 550$, but it is diesel and I really like it. Its the same model and year as my other cheap one so I use the one with a broken transmission as a parts car for my newer cheap one. The new one is super quirky and I like it a lot. It has a 2.5l 5 cylinder diesel non-turbo and it is pretty cool. Hopefully, it will last me a while, I plan on taking really good care of this one and restoring it to be in better shape.

  • Staff

    Hi josh, and thanks for introducing yourself.
    I've gone ahead and whitelisted you to the server, enjoy Life in the village with your friend.
    I'm sure we have some car enthusiasts in the crew that you can share your experiences with, I myself couldn't afford such a hobby, and would have no space to leave them. :smile:
    Anyway, cause no trouble, and have fun!~