• Hello I am 21 years old. I am from the United States Albuquerque New Mexico. I found you from a friend of mine who is helping me looking for a great community because we were constantly harassed on nonwhite servers. To the betterment of my knowledge I have never been banned from servers that are currently online it has been several years since I have had the chance to play Minecraft again. I have had Minecraft for almost ten years since i believe 2010 is when i bought my account. I cannot honestly remember. I got into Minecraft from a post on Facebook and from there the game hit me with a wave of summer after summer of constant late nights building stupid crap with my buddies. My favorite mod would have to be mcmmo I love progression. I love taking care of my pet reptiles my beautiful Kenyan sand boa named Noodle, My regular ball python named Charley, and my leopard gecko named Estubararknu. my major hobbies include the following. cleaning up and redoing my room, streaming on twitch, and hanging out with my significant other I also play ungodly amounts of dungeons and dragons as either a dm or player. I look forward to playing here if im allowed!

  • Helper

    Hi tntxtx1234,

    I'm afraid we don't run plugins like mcmmo but I hope you will have a great time with us.
    As such, I have gone and added you to the whitelist!

    P.s. There is no harassment of people on Stonebound, and any would swiftly be dealt with.