• Sup, I'm Rigaudon,
    Age: 30 years old
    Location: US

    I found you because my friend and I are looking for a nice Vanilla+ server based around building, and when I saw the modpack, I googled servers and found yours right at the top. I am definitely for Whitelisted servers, as it prevents a lot of people looking to Grief, and people who play for one day and build some odd half-built structure.

    I have no bans, and I have no reason to lie about my age (Although I'm old af, it feels like)

    I got into Minecraft many moons ago when it was just a wee little java game. And usually I prefer heavy magic-esque mods, I tend to try and find at least one server that I can be more relaxed and not have to think as much in regards to how to do this and that. My last vanilla+ Server was a long time ago when I last played Minecraft, using just an McMMO as it's only mod (Other than server plugins and admin mods)

    I like to be creative with building, using my surroundings to dictate how I will build.

    I also play ungodly amounts of DnD and it's like.

  • Staff

    Yo Rigaudon, thanks for your interest!
    Don't worry with 30 you won't even remotely look old in our player base. =)
    Regarding MCMMO, I think I have played with it once and really liked the idea of it - certainly adds a lot to the game already. If we're talking about Life in the Village, I can say it's got a fantastic vanilla+ feel to it. I sure hope we can 'revive' the server again - after the long uptime the amount of players sadly has seen quite the decline.
    Anyway, I've gone right ahead and added you to our whitelist, have fun on the server!~

  • Yeah we saw the Player classes and Levels, so that sounds really fun. McMMO Died long ago and only recently got resurrected. Even now though, I believe its still in a strange stage.