• Hello there,

    I'm Groves, a 26 year old accountant from Belgium. I've been meaning to get back into Minecraft for a while now, but having not touched the game in over 5 years it's been difficult for me to get back into the swing of things with all the changes that have happened to both the basegame and the mods. After poking around the ol' Google search machine for a while, I stumbled upon this community. Engimatica 2 Light seemed like an interesting pack when I read about it, since it does help you get to know mods through quests, as such I figured it may not be a bad start.

    I've never really done public Minecraft servers before, as in the past I used to simply play the game with friends on our own private server. I can safely confirm that I've never gotten banned though I suppose being the host of said private servers, for me to get banned would have been quite the feat.

    Really I'm just here to enjoy the feeling of playing Minecraft again with other people. It's a great game whether you play it alone or with friends, but for me personally the latter is a far more desirable experience. This is why I'm here, to find people to hang out and make fun with.

  • Staff

    Hio Groves, glad you found us!
    The game has changed a lot, indeed - and so have the mods, though you might recognize some of the classics that made it through all these years. =)
    Thanks for your application, you've been whitelisted to our servers.
    Enjoy getting back into it, and have fun meeting the community!

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