• Hello, my IGN is ProvingUnique.
    Im 38 y/o and from East Coast USA. I found yall while searching for a modded server to play "Life in the Village" mudpack. I look forward to meeting you all and playing with others.

    Im married with a family of three boys, they all keep my time tied up pretty well so any chance I get im looking to game with mature players. I also have helped moderate a pretty busy server as of lately I have felt less inclined to join and help there because of the young player base and the frequent toxicity. Just looking for an awesome community to chill at.

    Thank you for you consideration.

  • Staff

    Good day Proving, and thank you for your interest.
    Stonebound is a great place to chill out at, though we can't garantuee a busy playercount on life in the village, a pack launched long ago.
    Anyway, you've been added to our whitelist, hope you enjoy our community!

  • @simibubi

    Thank you so much!