• Ello! there my friends call me Owls. I'm an Interstellar Owl that travels space and time. I'm very awkward and writing applications so this is me. Have you ever wished that you can relive your dream well guess what I'm going to make that possible? All you need is the ability to laugh and some cantaloupes. Why cantaloupes many reasons there the perfect size, I like to eat them like they were your own brains, and they feel funny. Also, Owls are always watching you from a distance and I see ALL 0,0

    I'm 30 years old and live in the United States. I heard about your servers from two close friends of mine KH3_Sora and magwes. I was looking for a good server that I would not have to deal with lag and if it means being part of a good community for Minecraft that would I would highly appreciate it. Have I ever been banned No I never applied to a whitelist Minecraft community I have for FiveM. So this would be my first time.

    How I did I get into Minecraft was when I 1st started watching Mianite back in the day then got into Minecraft on the Xbox 360 with friends. When I finally came to PC I started slowly on mods still am very much a beginner but I like to learn the mod packs at my own pace and just relax. Sky Odyssey is my current favorite pack along with Life In the Village. I tend to stick to building and I always love being creative. Favorite things to do in real life going on hikes and if anything heading to the beach and being around my friends. Hobbies are gaming, cooking, reading, and writing.


  • Staff

    Hi Owls, and thanks for your application.
    I've gone ahead and added you to our whitelist, apologies for the wait.
    I wish you great fun and lots of Cantaloupes on Stonebound!