• Hello! Most people call me Shelby or Shelb, but anything works! I'm sixteen years old and currently reside in America. I found you while searching for a laid-back server to play on with my friend. I have no previous ban history nor have I ever lied about my age. I love playing video games, Minecraft being one I've cherished since a young child. I found Minecraft through my brother and watching YouTube videos with him about it. I also play RPGs such as Persona 5 and games from the Final Fantasy franchise. Other than playing video games, I typically read books or play with my ferrets and dogs. Thanks for taking the time to read! :')

  • Staff

    Hi Shelby, thanks for your application.
    My, that's quite the history of minecraft names - do you just feel like changing it every month? ^-^
    Anyway, you've been whitelisted, have fun playing on Stonebound!

  • @simibubi Thank you for accepting me! I'm really indecisive with names ;u; It's a little silly, haha!