• Hey there! I'm 902pm, a 20 year old from the United States. I found out about Stonebound through a friend, who recommended I try out Life in the Village. I got into Minecraft when I was 11 through my brother, who introduced me to the game when playing with his friends. I've been playing for many years since then and enjoy games such as Trouble in Mineville on The Hive. As for other hobbies, I love to scrapbook, paint, and spend downtime with family. My absolute favorite Minecraft mod is Mo Creatures, with Pixelmon being a close second. I love interacting with all the different animals in game and creating bonds with them, it's a completely new experience! Thank you for taking the time to read my application :).

  • Staff

    Hi there, and thanks for your interest!
    Mo Creatures, now that's something I haven't heard of in ages. I loved the cats it added, I suppose most of it is now part of the game anyway. =)
    I've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist, sorry for the delay, and enjoy playing with the community!~