• Hello! I go by Rosie or Rose online and I'm from Australia. I'm 16, almost 17. I found this server when I and a friend were looking for somewhere to play modpacks together, and we both liked the look of Enigmatica (the light version especially because I don't have a fantastic computer). I've only been banned twice, once because my account was hacked and Hypixel banned me for unusual activity and the other because I stood up for myself against an admin that was behaving unfairly towards me, and they didn't appreciate it. I haven't lied about my age, but have been mistaken to be older by many people. When I was 12 everyone on a server I played on thought I was 15, which was pretty funny for me.

    I've been playing minecraft for 9 of the 10 years it has been out, and a big part of that has been playing in small servers that have a strong sense of comunity. I was almost a mod on one server (now closed due to lack of funding) but declined due to other things going on in my life at the time. This would be one of the only times I've played with a modpack, and I really hope I can have this opportunity on Stonebound.

    Have a lovely day,
    Rosie <3

  • Staff

    Hi xRosieHx,

    I have went ahead and whitelisted you on our servers. Hope you have fun here. Happy Mining!