• I am 17 years old, I'm from the UK
    I found this website by searching Life in the Village servers yours were the first one to pop up so I thought I would try it
    Don't think I have ever been banned on an MC server not really placed vanilla in a while, I only play modded.

    I got into Minecraft as a kid around 11-13, my dad first showed it to me on a little laptop, ever since I have played and enjoyed it, however, I haven't played Vanilla in a long time as I said above.

    I like to play on very modded servers like ATM3R/ATM3 and below but I felt like giving a chance with little mod packs like Life in the Village, my favorite mod would have to be Applied Energistics or Refined storage as they help sort your items in a way chests never could

    I have never lied about my age as I haven't really had to.

  • Staff

    Hey there BayleyWray243,

    You have now been whitelisted on our servers. Happy Mining!