• Username: GiorgioBrux
    Country: Italy

    Found you via the public server list feature on the FTB Interactions modpack.
    Got in minecraft during middle school, and I've been playing it since then.
    I love modded, expecially the ProjectE, RFTools, and Mekanism. I also like mods like Millenaire because I feel they are very original and I've recenty discovered the Actually Addition which I think it's a great mod.

    I like to play expert modpacks sometimes, but usually I prefer normal mode so I can grind and get more things in general.

    In real life I don't have many hobbies, but I guess I can say I like Tennis.
    Other than Minecraft, I like to play MMORPGs games, and strategy games.

    At school I'm going for a "scientific" course which is basically a lot of math, but I plan to go to University (on which I'm pretty still undecided).

    And this is all, thank you.

  • Staff

    Hi GiorgioBrux,

    You have been whitelisted on our servers. Have fun!