• my name is tom I am 20 years old and from the US I found you through a long time friend of mine named corn layer who I have known for a few years through her I found out about the server and the mod pack iv played mine craft since about 1. I have wanted to find a good set of people to play with and when corn told me that her ARMA crew had a server I asked if I could join witch lead me to the application. I have never been banned from any servers and my favorite mod has been thalmcraft since I watched it be played by the yogscast 9 years ago then EE was still around in tekkit I am a fun loving talkative guy who just wants to hang out and have fun.

    from what I have been told about the mods used and the people that are on the server I see it a great way to me new people on a game I enjoy deeply

    hope to hear from you soon,
    have a good day

  • Staff

    Hi slaidr,

    Application has been reviewed and approved. You are now whitelisted on our servers.