• Well, first good afternoon, night or day. my name and gabriel I'm 17 years old I live in Brazil and I've never had a ban on a minecraft server and I've never had a ban so I speak, I have 1 long journey in my 12 12 year olds always loved to play with mods. I'm not interested in magic, but I love industrial mods. I love to automate things. I met this server through my friend who invited me to play with him, he is known as chokitos he loves mods of magica kkkkk and I of industry so I wanted to accept my registration because currently it is difficult to find a good server of mods that has players playing and I wanted to be able to have fun with mods like in my 15 16 years, thank you very much for your attention and for taking time to read my request. ps: sorry, I'm not very good in English kk '

  • Staff

    Hi Meepooo,

    Sorry about the long wait. Staff has been kinda busy the past few days. I have went ahead and whitelisted you on our server. Have Fun!