• Hello!

    My name is Ezra, aka TheVinx.

    I was looking for a server for LITV to play on with my girlfriend, and explore this modpack.

    I'm 21 years of age from the Netherlands, and I played a lot of modded Minecraft servers. But I never played LITV, until (hopefully) soon.

    Stonebound was the first server that came up, so we'd like to place our base here. Also, a whitelisted server is a very good way to meet the friendly players in my opinion, and that's a big plus!

    I always loved Tech-based modpacks, but now I want to chill, relax and have some fun! My favorite mod would be AE2, because the tech is amazing. I also love Minecolonies (that's why I picked Life in the Village!)

    I have never been banned on a server, and never lied about my age. :smile:

    Kind regards,

    • Ezra

  • Helper

    Hey, I have read through your application and went ahead to whitelist you. Enjoy Life in the Village and have fun playing with MsPrimfield!

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