• Hello, my name is Cosmin, I am a 17 year old boy from Romania, I recently found out about Minecraft Modding and I am interested in joining your community. I have never been banned from this server as I never played on it and I am nervous on getting accepted. My English can be faulty at times because I am Romanian. My favorite Hobby's are Gaming and Sports.
    I found out about Minecraft from a few YouTube Parodies back then and decided to give it a try, then I fell in love with this game and started playing more games, got a new pc, started learning about computers and right now I am trying to learn how to code, if I will ever do it. I have no reason to lie about my age and I am just a Minecraft fan.

  • Helper

    Hello Cosmin, I've looked over your application and have gone ahead and added you to our whitelist.
    what programming language you wanting/trying to learn? I know a little in terms of coding and have been wanting to learn more myself.
    hope to see you online.