• I am 19 years old and haven't played minecraft in a while but have been looking to get back into it. My favourite things to do include building elaborate palaces, tunnel networks and fortified settlements. I try to be as inefficient as possible with filling up rooms with crafting related blocks so I am forced to create larger and more labyrinthine complexes. When I used to play minecraft I never had many mods but, when I did, they were things like Balkon's Weapons mod and Archimedes ships (Small things to enhance the gameplay a little). I'm really excited to play with a larger and more in-depth mod. I found this server via Kommissar_Kebab.
    I have never been banned from any game. I don't believe I have lied about my age before (not that I can remember anyway).

  • Hello Giom3, I have read your application and have whitelisted you on the server. I always enjoy building really large buildings as well that almost feel properly sized to hold the machines that you build inside of them. They are fun to decorate as well. Maybe add a break room in there somewhere. :smile: I have never used Archimedes Ships, what does that mod add?

  • @AraDJudge Archimedes Ships is a small mod that doesn't really add anything especially balanced to the game, but it's fun to play around with. You use wool and string to make balloon blocks which you use to build airships.

  • Cool. I'll have to give it a look sometime and see what it is all about. Sounds like a cool little mod. Hope to see you around on the servers soon. :smile: