• Hello, I am Springy, I am 17 years old from England. I found your community through my friend FlowOfLife, however, cornslayer and BJSGaming also recommended your community to me. I haven't had any bans or kicks of any kind.

    I have played Minecraft since 2012 and for the most part, have only played vanilla Minecraft on solo worlds or on servers that don't have any mods. Last year I started playing sky factory and some other Minecraft mods and loved them so I think it would be great to be on modded Minecraft server. Also being part of a community would be great because I enjoy interacting with other players.

    From what I have heard the mod packs you use are really fun to play on and I am always looking for more enjoyable ways to experience this game.

    I look forward to hearing from you in the near future,

  • Helper


    I've gone ahead and reviewed your app and therefore. drum ruffle I'd like to welcome you to Stonebound!

    Have fun playing with your friends, or make some new friends while you are here :)