• Im 20 and from the united states and i would love to join this community, i searched up life in the village servers to find this and i used lie about my age when i was under 18 so i could get into 18 plus sites, but i dont have to anymore. favorite modpack is life in the village and i want to play with my friend on this server. i started playing minecraft when i was 12 or 13 on the xbox 360 and i fell in love with it. i moved to pc when me and my sister got a minecraft account on it and it was pretty different but i loved it too. Im trying to get into professional pool, its my favorite "game" and im really good at it, started playing it when i was around 7 on my grandpa's pool table. i wish to hear from you soon, thanks.

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    I read through your application and went ahead to whitelist you. Hope you enjoy Life in the Village!! Also, cool that you like pool, don't know many who still play.

  • I tried to join, still tells me to whitelist. i relogged and it still said that. help please, maybe you got the username wrong?

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    This post is deleted!

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    Alright sorry, I fixed your whitelist, you should be able to join now. Have fun!

  • thank you :)