• Hi,

    I'ma 18 y/o from the east coast of the US. I have been playing Minecraft since Beta, though off and on, I have been playing for quite a long time. I've been looking for a minecraft+ mod pack to play and have been rather bored lately and my friend, AverageFinn and I happened to stumble upon this modpack on Twitch.

    I'm currently attending college to work towards a Cyber Security degree. Some of my favorite things to do are things such as play fps's and studying the different fields of extragalactic astronomy and cosmology.

    I've never lied about my age since I just really wanna stay the same and not grow any older come recently

    Thanks for reading, hopefully I'll get to see yall in-game!

  • Hello, I read through your application. I have gone ahead and whitelisted you on our servers.

    What is your end goal with a Cyber Security Degree? Do you have a particular field within the great span of Cyber Security that you want to make a career in? Curious because I currently work in the field but as more of an auditor then anything else.

  • hmm, I'm really not quite sure being completely honest, at the moment.

    I've spoken to a few people in the Cyber Security field and they all said that they loved their time when they were incident responders, so I've been looking at that more recently.

  • I feel you there on the not knowing. There are so many options and they are all so different. Incident Response is definitely interesting. Some times the most challenging but also the most rewarding when you have to track things down in a network and manage to do it successfully.

    Best of luck to you on mastering those skills. Look forward to having you on the Stonebound servers.